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3inch maxitrak aveling and porter steam tractor .

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Item number: 000006508

Item category: Traction Engine for sale

Title: 3inch maxitrak aveling and porter steam tractor .

Description: This is a superb model of an aveling and porter traction engine, complete with two trailers. The engine comes fully complete with roof, firing irons and a fresh boiler ticket. I have had this engine for 2 years and has been a fantastic learning curve.

Since i purchased it, i have done quite a bit of work to it. New hubcaps were machined by me and fitted for a more secure wheel attachment. A bespoke water barrel has been fitted and piped up and can hold 25 litres of water.

The first trailer is the driving trailer which has one seat with additional coal storage, the custom fitted water barrel and a second compartment for tools, polish and oil cans etc. The second is a passenger trailer..

The engine was built in 1994 by r. Mootz in germany, and after a short period it was returned to the uk.

I am more than happy to provide pictures or any more information. This engine is fully up to date with paperwork and is ready to rally.

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Item Location : Suffolk, UNITED KINGDOM

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