5 part built g.w.r. Metro tank with copper boiler.

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Item number: 000001782

Item category: Part Built for sale

Title: 5 part built g.w.r. Metro tank with copper boiler.

Description: Chassis with cylinders, majority of the motion, wheel sets which are loose and un-quatered, outside frames, stretchers..

Part machined cross head pump. There is an amatuer made fully silver soldered copper boiler. No cert but i have tested.

To 250psi for 45 mins. The boiler will pass a sfed test no problem. Boiler has been made thicker than drawing in 3mm..

Buffers are turned, smoke box rolled and chimney is part turned..

Lovely easy to transport club loco when finished, a new boiler and the castings comes to 2400. Please email for pics..

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Item Location : Surrey, UNITED KINGDOM

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