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5inch gauge 0-4-2 tank engine gwr 14xx.

5inch gauge 0-4-2 tank engine gwr 14xx.  : Click image for fullsize
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Item number: 000006504

Item category: Railway for sale

Title: 5inch gauge 0-4-2 tank engine gwr 14xx.

Description: Gwr 14xx made to the neville evans design and is not one of the many chinese versions that there are about at the moment. I completed this in 2017 and has full paperwork, .

Hydraulic until 2021 and the steam certificate expires in august 2018. It has two injectors and a hand pump, a mechanical lubricator and an auto drain cock. It has not been run a great deal over the winter so is still being run in, but it does run quite f

Both injector pick up happily from 50psi, the right hand less cleanly than the left as it has a longer run to the top feed. The mechanical lubricator is working very well, probably a little too well at the moment and may need adjustment in due course,.

But i have left it for the time being as at this stage you cannot have too much.

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