7 and a quarter inch gauge scale wagon.

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Item number: 000003420

Item category: Railway for sale

Title: 7 and a quarter inch gauge scale wagon.

Description: Here i have the first of a bunch of wagons that i am going to be listing. This is scratch built to a reasonably convincing standard..

The slightly weathered look of the body in the photos is just wd40. But some of the steel bits have got a little surface rust on them as they have been sitting in my garage for a year or two. Nothing that a quick buff up with emery cloth wouldnt sort...

As you can see from the photos this wagon unusually has what appear to be gunmetal or brass wheels. One axle got stuck a few years ago at hemsby and as a consequence that set of wheels has a little flat on them. Could therefore do with a little fettle..

Its not an exhibition winner. But it is fully braked, and is a nice wagon to go in a rake.

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