Early model engineering coastal defence gun.

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Item number: 000005756

Item category: Stationary steam for sale

Item category 2: Scientific for sale

Title: Early model engineering coastal defence gun.

Description: Really unusual piece of model engineering with provenance model engineering exhibition 1928 bronze medal.

It has working parts....the gun barrel elevates and lowers by winding a handle, it has an adjustable sightglass. The breach has a lever to raise and lower the part that takes the shell..

Whilst the gun does not fire anything the really clever bit is that the barrel itself has a recoil function.You can pull it backwards as if a firing has happened and it slowly returns to its rest position. It looks as though this operates on a damper.

There are small pipes to the damper system and i guess they are filled with oil or something to act like a shock absorber..

It comes with its 1929 exhibition medal.Paintwork was built. also have the builders brass cased engraved spirit level available if interested. All original and untouched condition.

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Item Location : Devon, UNITED KINGDOM

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