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Exhibition quality ob triple expansion engine.

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Item number: 000005767

Item category: Stationary steam for sale

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Title: Exhibition quality ob triple expansion engine.

Description: Up for sale is an exhibition standard model o b bolton triple expansion reversing and surface condensing marine steam engine with air pump. This engine was built by a highly experienced model engineer that has his name on many engines showing at the model

Engineering exhibition in london over the past decade. The model is built to a very high quality and distinctly its self starting at very low pressure 3 psi in both directions. This engine is rather rare, intricate and impressive as most triple.

Expansion engines are display as builder have found it difficult to get them running on low pressure, certainly not at 3 psi. The engine with cylinders 7 8th in. 1.25 1.75 inch bores by 1.15 inch stroke, cylinder head pressure relief valves, drain..

Cocks and pipes, ip valve spindle tail shaft guide, main stop valve, hand wheel and worm gear operated stephensons link reverse, frame incorporated slipper-type crosshead guides, lp crosshead driven air pump, six main bearings with oilers, disc drive.

Wheel, rear frame mounted condenser and pipework, cast bed and polished hardwood base. The model is finished in green paintwork with polished bright work. Width 11 inch x height 8.7 inch..

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Item Location : CA, UNITED STATES

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