Message from admin re. Activating your membership.

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Item category: Stationary steam for sale

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Title: Message from admin re. Activating your membership.

Description: A few people are registering but not activating memberships..

This is usually because they have not recieved an activation email. The problem is not at our end, we always send them.

The problem lies with the recipients spam box, most users have 2 spam boxes, one on their desktop and one online. The online one is the primary source of emails and our email will probably be in this box.

In our SUPPORT MENU we have a HOW TO section which will help you activate. Our system is used to verify the email address you gave is correct and it is worldwide protocol..

If you email us about difficulty activating, or any other matter please make sure you email is polite and courteous. We do not reply to ones which are rude, accusing, bullying or bad tempered etc.

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Item Location : Devon, UNITED KINGDOM

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This item is archived. Sorry we no longer have contact details for this item.