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"A steam engine is a heat engine that performs mechanical work using steam as its working fluid."

"The idea of using boiling water to produce mechanical motion has a long history, going back about 2,000 years.

Early devices were not practical power producers, but more advanced designs producing usable power have become a major source of mechanical power over the last 300 years, enabling the Industrial evolution, beginning with applications for mine water removal using vacuum engines.

Subsequent developments using pressurised steam and converting to rotational motion enabled the powering of a wide range of manufacturing machinery anywhere water and coal or wood fuel could be obtained, previously restricted only to locations where water wheels or windmills could be used.

Significantly, this power source would later be applied to prime movers, mobile devices such as steam tractors and railway locomotives. Modern steam turbines generate about 80% of the electric power in the world using a variety of heat sources".

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For Sale
Coal fired stationary steam engine.
Coal fired stationary steam engine.
For sale is this beautiful and sweet running model steam plant that i have steamed less than a dozen times. The engine i bought off trademe a year or so ago and it has a bore of 16 mm and a stroke of 22 mm and is a double acting piston valve engine.. ....

For Sale
Small turbine with ram pump.
Small turbine with ram pump.
Im not too sure exctly what this is but it looks to be a small turbine or water pump. It is not a boiler feed pump. . ....

For Sale
Edgar t westbury wyvern gas engine.
Edgar t westbury wyvern gas engine.
Nice example of the wyvern gas engine.. ....
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